Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Kane Chronicles

Rick Riordan
I'm sure many people have read at least one of Rick Riordan's book series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, The 39 Clues: The Maze of Bones, as well as 8 books for adults. Riordan created these books because of his love for mythology. He wanted to bring the joys of learning about mythology to students.  Percy Jackson and the Olympians is based on Greek gods, and The Heroes of Olympus is based on both the Greek and Roman gods. After Riordan finished the Percy Jackson series he started to write the Kane Chronicles.  The Kane Chronicles are based on Egyptian gods, and the Egyptian magicians. There are two books in the Kane Chronicles right now; The Red Pyramid and The Throne of Fire. As of now there is no information on the website on when the next book in the series comes out.

Ra was the sun god who protected  the world from armies of the chaos serpent Apep. Ra was also the first pharaoh. Isis was the goddess of Magic, and Osiris' wife. To get Osiris on the throne she had a poisonous snake bite Ra's leg. Ra knew that Isis could heal him, so she made him give her his secret name. If a person had your secret name then they could control you. Since Isis knew Ra's secret name she convinced him to retire from being pharaoh leaving Osiris to take the throne.

Monday, 7 November 2011

A Visit from Royalty

This last week the Africa Mercy had the honour of showing Princess Anne and Sir Tim the ship.
Princess Anne is the daughter of the Queen of England and Sir Tim in Princess Anne's husband.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Who is THAT?

The High School have all been combined into one photo. Can you see who is who?

The different part are
- left eye
- right eye
- nose
- mouth
- left shoulder
- right shoulder
- left hair
- right hair
- top hair
- left ear
- right ear
- head template
See if you can see who is who...

The voice of the PreSchoolers

We had a little interview with the preschoolers to find out what their favourite foods are and we got some pretty interesting results...

Question 1: What is your favourite food?
Josh - cereal with custard and milk!
Renier - mmm... meat!
Elisha - Carrots.
Janice - M&M's
Nathaniel - GRAPES!!

Question 2: What is your least favourite food?
Josh - Cheese and lettuce...
Janice - I like raisons in a box but NOT in a bar!!
Max - Meat, and uhm mash potatoes.
Xavier - lettuce.

Question 3: Where does your food come from?
Josh - Dining room!
Renier - dining room then my mom brings it.
Janice - It comes from the MARKET!!
Max - Dining room.
Xavier - from Marty and my dad..
Nathaniel - The dining room.

Question 4: Where does your food go?
Josh - in my belly button!
Renier - when you don't want them you take it to the trash.
Elisha - To The MARKET!!
Janice - I don't know!!
Max - TRASH!
Xavier - To my tummy.
Nathaniel - My tummy.

Monday, 24 October 2011

The Antiquity Tour: take a quick trip into the ancient past!

I walked out into the Mid-ships Lounge to find priceless artifacts and manuscripts laid out carefully on our little cheap coffee tables. Among the manuscripts there was a blackened fragment from a Dead Sea scroll.

The history and origin behind the Dead Sea scrolls is simply fascinating. In 1947 a young Bedouin Sheppard was out looking for a sheep he had lost. The Sheppard wandered up to a cave and threw a stone in, hoping he would hear his sheep, instead he heard the sharp shattering of a clay jar that had been left undisturbed for 2000 years until now.
Let’s take a quick detour back in time to understand where exactly these scrolls came from and why they ended up hidden away in the caves of Qumran.

Sectets of German Condentration Camps Revealed

A few years ago my history teacher showed a video that was shot in a concentration camp shortly after the war in Europe ended.  He had us write a paragraph about what we felt after watching the video. A year later my English teacher had us write a story. I used the paragraph that I wrote at the end of this story. So I hope you enjoy this story.

The Secrets of German Concentration Camps Reviled

          “No, No I won’t go!” yelled twenty-year-old Maria.  She was running from someone but she didn’t know who; all she knew was someone was chasing her.  Then she woke up.  That is how it went every night, but tonight she was awakened not by her mind, but by someone pounding on her door.  Sighing she got out of bed, put on a robe and went to answer the door.   
            “Yes, can I help you?”
            “We have reason to believe that you have been harboring Jews and taking more ration cards for you and your family than needed.”
            “I’m sorry but I know nothing of this.”
            “We need to search your home.”
            “I told you that I know nothing of this.”
            “LET US PASS!” yelled the head Gestapo agent.
            The Gestapo agents pushed Maria out of the way and searched her parent’s house anyway.
The Gestapo walked through the house and destroyed everything of value, even Maria’s mother’s fine china that had been given to her mother on her wedding day.   Once the Gestapo finished they took Maria and put her in a truck full of other people and started to drive away.  As they drove away Maria looked at her house through tear-filled eyes and wondered if she will ever see her family again.